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Groundwork Healing

Connection  *  Awareness  *  Choice

- About Groundwork Healing -

This Work:   My work is to help clients deepen their connections to themselves and their lives.   I approach sessions through the lens of Niasziih (Nye-uh-z-eye), an earth-based system of healing that integrates awareness and deep contact to help clients heal on all levels:  body, mind, and spirit.  Healing sessions address physical dis-ease and discomfort as well as the patterns that helped to create the imbalances.   Because we live in physical as well as metaphorical landscapes, this work is informed by our connections to the natural world.   Sessions usually include hands-on tablework, dialogue between client and healer, and personal tools for continued reflection and awareness.


- Services -

Office Healing Session

Niasziih office healing sessions take place on a massage table and draw from hands on energy work, Niasziih principles of awareness and connection, and massage.

Niasziih Bodywork

Using  a combination of stretching and movement, Bodywork sessions address tension and pain, open stiff joints, and increase mobility with Niasziih principles. 

Landscape Healing

Landscape healings begin with a wander in an outdoor setting, then the session unfolds with a Niasziih healing on the earth in a place chosen by the client.

Earth Skills Session

Clients explore body awareness and Earth skills such as making fire, shelter, and tracking to develop curiosity and connection to themselves and to the earth.


 - More About Sessions - 

All sessions occur fully clothed and include a discussion of health and wellness goals, hands-on healing work, and demonstration of practices the client can do at home to support healing shifts.

         Niasziih Energy Healing Session        


Our fundamental definition of healing is deep contact that helps to change perception. Deep contact reconnects us to our physical bodies, to the places of flow or congestion, and to the constraints that limit movement on all levels, resulting in dis-ease.   In these sessions, clients work with the healer to identify and shift those constraints.  Changes in perception allow us to see that we have choice, and to address pain and discomfort, as well as their source.  Niasziih Healings take place fully clothed on a massage table, and sessions may draw from energy work, massage, Niasziih bodywork, inquiry, and/or guided meditation.

        Landscape Healing       


Our bodies are places, and we in turn are sometimes called to particular places on the landscape.  In Landscape Healings, clients listen deeply as they wander the terrain of Six Mile Creek Valley, or a place of their choosing, until arriving at the ground that calls them.  The Niasziih Healing session then takes place there, on the earth of the client’s choosing.

       Niasziih Bodywork Session       


“If we don’t move, we die.”  Many of us lead professional and personal lives that encourage more fixed postures or repetitive actions than our bodies are designed for, both internally in our mindsets and externally in our physical bodies.  These can result in “stuck” places that limit our movement. 

Niasziih Bodywork sessions address tension and pain in the body, as well as the patterns that create them, through hands on work, expanding movement in the body.  The healer and client work together to find a balance of mobility and stability, form and flow.  Rooted in the philosophy and elements of a Niasziih Healing session, Bodywork sessions include physical assistance helping clients to open stiff joints, to increase mobility in the spine and hips, and to explore stretching and movement, in body and beliefs. 

       Earth Skills Session      


The earth holds us.  When we leave a track, it is the track of our internal as well as our external.  By slowing down and listening to the call within us, we can find new doorways and restore balance and flow in connection to the land, shifting our inner and outer tracks.   


In working with earth skills such as making fire, building shelter, and weaving baskets, we slow the pace of our day, connecting to the wisdom of our whole body and of the earth, assisting in our personal healing.  Curiosity, delight, exploration, and practicing the journey rather than the destination help to balance the linear, fast-paced environment often found in day-to-day life.  Creating an intentional relationship with edible and medicinal plants, earth, air, fire, and water resets our nervous systems.  These skills are also doorways to awareness of how we nourish ourselves in a broader sense, feed our own fires, create our shelter in the world, and see our resources.  These skills may be combined with other healing sessions as well.

 - Rates - 

Sessions are $70-$90 sliding scale for a 75 minute session.  Landscape Healings are $80-$110 sliding scale for a 90 minute session.  All sessions can also be pay-what-you-can if arranged ahead of time.  My hope is that this work is accessible to all through barter and exchange, based on available resources.


- Client Reflections - 

"Corinne's mastery at presence and connection is obvious from the moment you meet her.  
Every session that I have had with her starts when I walk through the door.  
Corinne is a compassionate and informed listener and coach.  The bodywork I have received has helped me deepen my connection to myself and my higher healing potential and has helped me see beyond the distracting 'blips' in life that often would translate to stress.  A session with Corinne is truly a holistic, nurturing, and healing experience."  
- Janna Edelman, LMT

"I have benefited greatly from working with Corinne and would strongly recommend her to anyone wishing to benefit from a more loving connection to their deeper selves.

I feel more grounded in my body after my series of sessions with Corinne.  I consistently find her both professional and caring in her conduct - the follow-up feedback allows me to contemplate and deepen my personal growth between sessions and in many instances shift the way in which I view a particular situation in which I previously felt stuck.  I experienced myself shifting emotionally and spiritually through our guided sessions."


-Amber H.


 - Locations -

Groundwork Healing sessions are offered at the Clay Cottage in the Six Mile Creek valley or at the downtown Ithaca office.  Earth Skills sessions or Landscape Healing sessions may be arranged at other locations in advance of the session.  

"The sessions take place in the most beautiful space, simple and lovely, which I can only describe as a spiritual and heartfelt cradle."

-  A.H.

Left and Above:  Clay Cottage photos

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Groundwork Healing

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